hot chilisauce
without Bullshit.

Our hot sauce does not need flavorings. We have the best chilies and the best family recipe.

mexican sauce

In Mexico, they don’t kid about chili sauces. We simply take the best chilies. And the best family recipe. That’s it. This is how we make El Moreno.

Thanks to the real mexican Yahualica chilies, El Moreno Hot Chili Sauce tingles more than tequila at 40 degrees in the shadow

With our closely guarded family recipe for arguably the best Mexican hot sauce and just the right knife-edge dose of spices, you’ll taste the pure, the real, the natural Mexico.

We have to warn you:

You Alemanes can easily burn your tongue on hot Mexican sauce. So if you want to buy chili sauce, pay attention: Only the right Mexican sauce can tame your fuego.

You don’t need preservatives for this. No sugar. No artificial flavors.

For this you need El Moreno.

best chilisauce. bestes chilisaucen-recipe.

Hot chili sauce brings out the real mexican in you. So, wake up your fire.
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